CKF Vacate Cleaning Perth – Cleaning Tips

Family health is important to us and maintaining a clean home is a must. All it takes is to have a regular cleaning routine. If you are a working mother, try doing your general cleaning on weekends, with the whole family working as a team. This way you get to teach your kids how to appreciate your effort in giving them a nice place to live in. And when they exert effort in the cleaning process they will be more conscious of not getting it dirty.

Inculcate in them regular cleaning habits like when they use the bathroom they have to put back those toothbrush and toothpaste, throw those papers and tissues in the trash and put used clothes in the bin. They need to fix their bed every morning and put toys back in the rack before going to sleep. These little things will help you do your regular home cleaning rounds when everyone is out easier like a professional cleaner.

When everyone is off to school or office, you may then start your regular home cleaning. Start with the kitchen. Be sure to do your dishwashing and a more rigorous under the sink cleaning may be done on weekends. Try using distilled white vinegar as your cleaning agent as it helps kill germs and it is good for family health because it is organic. You can also use it  for cleaning windows, tiles, tubs and countertops.

Next is the dining room. Be sure that you wipe the table tops clean and sweep the floor. Now off to your living room. Pick up all the toys, magazines, remote controls and put them in their proper places. Of course this quick routine is for working moms. If you are a stay home mom then you can get your vacuum cleaner and start with your carpets and sofas. Be sure to get into the in-betweens as dust accumulates there. Dust mites are definitely not good for family health as it’s the cause of most allergens.

Dust those foot maps outside the house. Check on the shoe rack and be sure it’s clean too. You don’t have to polish the shoes there, just sweep the dust away. If you still have the energy and no appointment for the day, you may go back to the kitchen and check your refrigerator for leftovers that must be thrown away and clean the inside of your refrigerator. Remember you don’t want to house unwanted food inside it.

Be sure to change your sponge often and put those hand towels in the laundry bin. Check back on the bathrooms and wipe dry your basin,