End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Perth From $80 for 3 standard bedrooms

(Standard room size equal to Max 15 sqm per room. Extra charge will be apply for a bigger size room.)
Excessive Stainage / Spoilage may also incur a surcharge.

CKF End of Lease Cleaning Perth offer a range of affordable and high quality domestic carpet cleaning and office carpet cleaning services.  In addition to using the world renowned Dry Fusion cleaning system, CKF carpet cleaners deliver a thorough clean with deodorizing, sanitizing and allergen treatments for Perth consumer.

Home carpet cleaning / Office carpet cleaning.
• Upholstery Cleaning.
• Tile & grout cleaning.

For full Vacate Cleaning, please visit: End of Lease Cleaning Perth

Carpet Cleaning Technology

CKF Cleaning Services use Dry Fusion technology. The only carpet cleaning system that hot cleans, deodorises, stain protects then heat dries every type of carpet. Developed in Australia, the Dry Fusion machine uses a heated bonnet system with an all in one process. The innovative and patented rotary cleaning machine heats a pH neutral cleaning solution to provide an amazing stain removal action. However, the dry time is only 30 minutes.

CKF Cleaning Services also sanitise to kill odours and dust mites, leaving your carpet fresh and thoroughly clean. Keep your carpets, upholstery and floors looking fresh. Meanwhile, eliminate allergens, bacteria and other grime build up.

The dry cleaning system not only improve the longevity of your carpets and furniture, but also aids the health of your family by reducing dust levels. It also stops the growth of bacteria.

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning is suitable for the home or office.  Lets also have your carpets cleaned via the innovative low moisture carpet cleaning process. Moreover, it is cleaner and safer than any other carpet cleaning system.  For professional carpet cleaning, contact CKF Cleaning Services today.

Learn more about the process and benefits of Dry Fusion: